ATR Chromophore Analysis

Many dyes, aromatics, and other chromophores have absorptions in the UV and visible regions of the spectrum that are orders of magnitude too strong to allow transmission analysis without substantial dilution. However, these substances can often be analyzed by means of attenuated total reflectance (ATR), which effectively provides a pathlength of the order of the optical wavelength.

ATR Tunnel Cells

Hellma Axiom’s FNL Series ATR cells provide a high degree of flexibility by allowing a choice of either fused silica or sapphire ATR elements and by allowing the element geometry to be chosen so as to control the number of ATR reflections and the depth of penetration for each reflection. This allows the characteristics of the cell to be optimized for a given application.8

FNL Series Features

  • Fiber–optic coupling to most UV–Visible spectrometers
  • Response down to 200 nm
  • Sensitivity set by interchangeable ATR elements
  • Compatible with lab and process applications
  • Rapid sample cleanout

FNL Data Sheet (.pdf)