Gas Transmission

For decades, most IR gas analysis has been carried out using the traditional “White cell” design. This provides a compact size but poor flow characteristics and hence is troubled by sample carryover. Axiom has pioneered the use of a linear flow approach in which the optical and flow paths are identical. The result is very rapid sample exchange with no carryover.
Two gas cells most applicable to laboratory analysis are outlined below. In addition, see the Hellma Axiom Process Line for longer path gas cells and short path liquid cells.

Low Volume Gas Cells

LFT Series cells can be mounted either in a spectrometer’s sample compartment or outboard by means of the Axiot System of optical transfer assemblies. The extremely low volume, fast response, and fixed optical paths of these cells make them ideal for the dynamic analysis of rapidly changing gas concentrations.

LFT Series Features

  • Convenient sample compartment mounting
  • Very low volume
  • Fast response with negligible sample carryover
  • Path lengths to 2 meters
  • Easy maintenance

LFT Data Sheet (.pdf)